Walkie Talkies and Marco Polo

I remember getting my first set of walkie talkies.

That was SO cool. I could give one to a friend, and we could roam the neighborhood talking to each other.

It added a whole new dimension to our play.

Every summer, I spent the mornings at the swimming club and the afternoons playing outside with friends or mowing lawns.

I was a swimmer, so my morning swim team work-outs started early (6 AM) and ended @ 8. Most of us stayed at the pool til lunch time, so we had a good, solid 4 hours of playing . . . We had Diving competitions, our own races, underwater endurance contests, ping pong tournaments . . . and one of our favorites was Marco Polo.

It’s been a LOT of years since I’ve even thought of those days until a few days ago when I was in a business building workshop.

The Workshop was at Pinnacle Bank (A great learning Organization that invests in the success of their banking clients), and the participants were @ 20 small business owners.

As the morning unfolded, we had many opportunities to dialog and brainstorm, and I heard more than a few members mention “Marco Polo”

For me, this was conflictive dissonance . . . What the heck is the relevance of Marco Polo in this meeting, and why/how is it a “game changer” in the eyes of these folks?

Not wanting to show my ignorance, I took note for later discovery and the meeting ended.

As soon as I got int front of the computer at the office, I googled “Marco Polo” and saw “Marco Polo App” with a freakin BEACH BALL logo and a heading that says:

Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie

Cover art

OMG! 2 of my FAVORITE childhood memories doing great things for me as an adult 🙂

Click the link to hear more about it.

Using Marco PoloThese business owners are communicating with their teams and clients real time.

Essentially, this is video texting.

What’s so great about it?

No need for tapping the phone screen to write a text message . . . or using voice to text (which seldom gets the message right the first time).

Not only does the message come through clearly, it’s multidimensional because you can hear voice tonality and see facial expressions and body language.

I’m using this with my family, and it is SO much better than text or telephone.

My team doesn’t know it yet, but they are also going to be using it VERY soon.

This is as close to real communication in this digital world as you can get.

Give it a try!

No . . . This was not a paid advertisement

and yes . . . this IS a game changer, when it comes to communicating effectively!




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