Most of the successful people I know are certifiably CRAZY!

Before you judge me, Please let me explain with a little help from my friend (and virtual mentor – although I don’t think he knows it)  Seth Godin

Heroes are heroes because they do things that most “normal” people wouldn’t even consider doing . . . and often put themselves in harm’s way (or so rational people think) seemingly for the sake of the thrill of adventure.

The real truth is that these intrepid explorers do these BOLD and DARING things because they get high on DISCOVERING stuff that few other people would.

Often, the “thing” these folks discover converts to a high level of achievement and SUCCESS. In the case of some, like my Father Harrison Owen who discovered Open Space technology and was considered to be a “quack” amongst traditional Organizational Development Consultants . . . who pioneered a GLOBAL movement with unbelievable (unthinkable) impact in Business, government, Political, Community environments.

In short . . . they get things DONE because they are unabashedly climbing out on limbs and taking great leaps of faith.

Here’s what Seth had to say about this in his blog post yesterday:

1, 2, 3, 9

Most brands, most careers… they’re not linear. Doing what you did, again and again, grinding it forward, that’s a good way to finish a marathon, but it’s not the way that most organizations grow.

Sooner or later, we need to leap.

We quit a job before our new business is humming along.

We go from hiring people when we have paid freelance jobs in hand to hiring people in order to build assets we can sell or leverage.

We go from a building that’s too small to one that’s too big (for now).

We go from having no ad budget to a significant one (because we know an insignificant one is a waste, worse than none at all).

We go from selling the next customer to investing in the lifetime value of the customers we already have…

This isn’t for everyone. Most people are more comfortable with  “linear” growth because it’s less risky – and has more stability and predictability . . .

But . . . When you’re ready to spread your wings . . .


PS: I Launched Pareto Realty at a time when no rational human would even consider Opening a new real estate firm (the economy was VERY wonky) 9/14/2010 and have been forging ahead with periods of Linear growth and development periodically “disrupted” by explosive (non-linear) implementation of new and daring Systems and tools and strategies . . . and it’s working magnificently. If you’re a real estate sales professional in Middle Tennessee, check us out and connect with me if you’re itching to be a part of a dynamic team environment of GROWTH and SUCCESS! More about this here: http://WhyJoinParetoRealty.com

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