WAIT! Is THIS worth all THAT?

My Daddy can beat up YOUR Daddy!

Sometimes we regress back to sandbox mentality.

THAT kid threw SAND in my face, so I’m going teach HIM a lesson.

Let the escalation commence as we do our best to one-up anything and everything that “bully” throws at us.

Sticks and stones . . .

Hopefully someone intervenes, or we come to our senses and don’t damage each other any more than we already have.

World “Leaders” showcase this scenario all too often with threats of sanctions and flying missiles.

A wasp taught me a great lesson yesterday – Watch the video.

Can’t we all practice enough restraint such that we seek to understand before we choose to destroy?

So . . . Next time you find yourself under attack unexpectedly, by all means defend yourself appropriately, and as soon as possible disengage and give the attacker some space, then:

  • Consider what role you might have had in precipitating the sudden escalation.
  • Research to try to learn of any outside influences that might have been irritants
  • Seek to understand differences of opinion
  • Be like a duck – Calm and unruffled on the surface and paddling vigorously underneath
  • Redirect attention to the goal of the mission whenever possible.
  • Don’t poke the bear – Passive aggressive jabs tend to create flare-ups – jet fuel on the fire
  • Inside your head and NOT out loud, speak the mantra: “Bless his/her heart!”

We’ve grown up!

Leave the sandbox rules in the sandbox.

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