Wait for it . . .

Creativity and Spirit don’t know time.

Just because it’s “scheduled” doesn’t mean it’ll magically manifest exactly at the appointed time.

This is a hard pill swallow in this high tech “gimme NOW” environment in which we are swimming.

Whenever it starts will be the right time.

If you’re impatient and decided to rush things . . . or badger the source, odds are decent your yield will less than satisfying.

I know! We’re ALL busy people, and we hate to wait (hurts my engine to go so slow) . . .

So find something useful to do to occupy the time between now and when Creativity and Spirit choose to show up. Have faith that they WILL show up.

Last week, I had to learn this lesson AGAIN!

My calendar has a standing 2 hour appointment every working day with my computer to write (Blog, Website content, or the book I am writing). I figured that, if I were to write 2 hours every working day, I would easily complete the book I’m writing by mid July.

In theory, I was right . . .

Reality? NOT!

The unfortunate result was that I stalled – stopped writing altogether for @ 3 weeks because it had become a “chore” . . . something I HAD to do every day, whether I wanted to or not.

The July 4 long weekend brought me to my senses.

During the 3 day work week, I literally knocked out @ 8 days of work, so I had zero “obligations” during the holiday. July 4 was what it should have been – a grand celebration of the Birth of the United States of America . . . Nothing else!

Friday was void of obligations, and my mind was blissfully uncluttered . . . refreshed . . . rebooted! @ 10 AM I sat down at the computer and spent 2 hours designing the content for the Pareto Realty website extreme makeover . Earlier in the week, I was at an excruciating impasse . . . absent creativity & Spirit.

What happened?

The mental reboot opened enough space for Creativity and Spirit to work it’s magic.

When I came to natural stopping point, I shut down the computer and took the dogs for a walk and had lunch.

Creativity and Spirit didn’t leave, and I wrote for the remainder of Saturday and until mid-afternoon on Sunday at which point my brain was tapped . . . nothing left.

I’m not worried!

The muse will return when the time is right.

Quit being a control freak and allow things to manifest on their own time, and discover flow.

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