Veterans Day delayed the closing!

So . . . Let me get this straight!

Veterans Day is on every calendar with Federal Holidays. It’s celebrated on November 11 if that date falls on a week day . . . If on Saturday or Sunday, it’s the following Monday.

this year, it was yesterday – Wednesday!

I’ve heard two people say their real estate transactions were delayed because of Veterans Day.

Did it surprise someone?

How could it be that a well publicized federal Holiday could come as a surprise to – well – ANYONE?

Oh my!

How sloppy is THAT?

Surely SOMEONE participating in the transaction would pick up on this subtle detail that banks and Government Office would be closed yesterday, eh?

But no!

God forbid that the deal expires at midnight on 11/11 . . . and the Buyer already has cold feet, and the seller has a back-up contract for $10,000 more.

Oh please Please PLEASE consult with a calendar as we construct Purchase and sale agreements.

and Please pay attention to the holidays and their significance.

SMH at the sheer number of people who had NO clue whatsoever yesterday was veterans.

I can’t think of a single justifiable reason Veterans day would cause a closing delay . . .

Can you?


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