Validating Generosity

Have you noticed that many of the most popular people are the ones who make other people feel good?

These are the people who go out of their way to learn more about everyone they meet.

A conversation with her is all about YOU and who she knows that you should meet and get to know.

“Connectors” are those folks who are Masters at introducing the Right people to each other at EXACTLY the right times.

Sometimes we wonder how they have time to do all of this AND run a strong business AND enjoy a fulfilling personal life rich with friends and family.

Did it ever occur to you that it is this very generosity of Heart and Spirit  that creates the time and space for their success?

You see?

Most people have it backwards with the thought that they must work HARDER and FASTER and get MORE MORE MORE professional success so that (one day) they’ll have time to “Relax and Enjoy” their relationships.

Flip that . . . Build and nurture the right relationships, and the happiness and success show up.

Kathy Streib is a Home Stager in Delray Beach, FL who “gets” everything I say above at a very high level.

Kathy and I (and 100,000 or so other bloggers in the real estate industry), regularly publish blogs on Http://

Kathy takes it WAY beyond a “blogging platform” . . . For her, it’s just another way for her to do what she does naturally each and every day . . . She connects people!

Kathy also is the quintessential “VALIDATOR” as she picks a favorite blog post every day and publishes a weekly post with links to all of them. These posts are magnificent connecting tools as she introduces her readers to other bloggers just as she validates the bloggers for their awesome blogging talents.

Today while I was in a 1/2 day Continuing Education Ethics class, my phone started blowing up with notifications from ActiveRain. Usually that would indicate that one of my posts was “Featured.”

Today, it was because Kathy Featured ME in a blog post here Meet Barry Owen . . . 

She had called me last week, and we had a nice conversation, but I had NO idea what she was up to.

Speechless . . .

So . . . We can ALL learn a LOT from Kathy!

Take more of an interest in other people than yourself, and AMAZING things happen.

Thank you Kathy!

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