Unintelligible Gibberish is NOT Communication

If you have something important to communicate, speak CLEARLY!

Don’t you love it when you check voice mail and one of the messages is so garbled that you’ve gotta listen to it 8 times before you have any idea who it is and why they called?

The phone number they left is only 6 digits . . .

They’re asking about “That property where your sign’s at . . .

and they want to see it NOW!

I had one today . . . Thick accent – Muffled – Low . . . and all I could get from it was the address of the property (only because the street number was spoken clearly).

I called back and discovered that it was a REALTOR who was calling to do a BPO for a short sale . . . and guess what? He didn’t speak any clearer in a direct conversation.

The old curmudgeon in me is starting to come out because the first thought I had was that this person was too lazy or inconsiderate to bother making a better effort to communicate effectively.

The benefit of a doubt might suggest that this person has some sort of “condition” that precludes him from speaking clearly, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.

If you mumble and talk gibberish . . . Like it or not . . . many People will judge you and discount you. Perhaps they’ll question your professionalism, your knowledge, your ability, your confidence. This is a “disability” which is limiting your effectiveness.

You CAN do something about this.



Stand in the corner of a room facing the corner and speak . . . You’ll hear yourself . . . Make adjustments.

While speaking, consider your body posture. If you’re slumped, your voice will be slumped.

Don’t talk with your mouth full.

Enunciate your words and speak Slowly.

Say twice the most important information (Like Telephone Number).

Seriously! If you can’t figure this one out on your own, find a speech Coach to help you. (Yes! there ARE speech coaches for professionals). There’s no shame in going to “Speech therapy” . . . and the alternative (People not taking you seriously) is way too expensive.

FIX THIS FIRSTĀ before you spend all your time & energy learning the rest of your business.

What people say about the important of “First Impressions” is true.

Why would you risk missing that first opportunity to impress?

Refine and improve your clarity of speech, and I promise you’ll make more money and be more famous.

Let me know how it goes . . . Oh! and tell me a story or 2 about some of the unintelligible voice mails you’ve received.


(Today is “Speak with a Pirate Accent day”)

Published by Barry Owen

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