Underpromiseindoctrination saves lives

Underpromise and Overdeliver . . . ALWAYS!

Don’t ever create and promise a deadline without CERTAINTY that you can hit it with ease.

It’s not worth it to promise it’ll be CLOSED in 21 days if it doesn’t because the parties to the agreement will be ecstatic at the beginning and will walk away disgruntled at the end.

Much better to promise 30 days and close on the 25th day . . . The parties to the agreement may grumble a bit at the beginning, and will be amazed by your BRILLIANCE for being able to get it DONE SOONER.

This is often easier said than done.


Well – Probably because you’re an innately gifted “people pleaser.”

You want to tell everyone what they want to hear, AND you want for them to actually GET it – ON TIME.

The problem is that things happen . . . Seldom does everything go according to the plan, and if the timeline is based on “no blips,” you’ve set yourself (and everyone else) up for a fall.

So – Commit NOW to FIX this this.

Do this: Before you make a promise, STOP and THINK!

Do as any great Contractor does by considering every piece of what must happen between now and completion . . . then add a fudge factor.

Within that fudge factor are things like prior commitments taking longer than anticipated, key sub processes (Like Appraisal for a Loan) being delayed, traffic heavier than usual, a meteor hits the cell tower resulting in communication breakdowns . . .

You’ll become a frequent HERO and only an occasional scapegoat.

I like the way that math works.


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