“Under Construction”

Is “it” EVER done?

Isn’t one of the secrets to living a full and productive life a clear understanding that the JOURNEY matters more than the destination?

Enjoy the ride!

Ride the wave of Transformation!

What keeps us engaged and motivated in the moment is the HOW we progress towards our vision.

If we center our whole being around accomplishment of the VISION (and nothing else), we’re going to get there . . . THEN what?

Watching a group of rock climbers repeatedly attempting to scale one small section of a wall . . . each one trying different grips, then falling. I watched for 30 minutes. A veteran rock climber approached me and asked: “Have they solved it yet?” – “Not yet” – “It took me 3 days to get that one, and I’d show them the trick but it would take all the fun out of it for them.”

When you stop solving (by quitting or reaching completion), what will you do next?

So . . . aren’t we (and everything) ALWAYS “Under Construction”?

If all people understood this, the “Under Construction” sign makers would be out of business.

What do you expect when you see an “Under Construction” sign?

A mess?

Yep! I expect some dust and disarray . . . semi-organized chaos . . . PROGRESS!

When I see “Under Construction” I see people and organizations practicing the fine art of self-improvement,  and I smile.

All of this having been said . . . I’ll be adding an “Under Construction” banner on my website soon not so much as an apology of the mess (because I am PROUD of that mess :-)) but more as an alert to folks that things are MOVING and ALIVE and TRANSFORMING  . . . Vibrant . . . here at Pareto Realty.

The only lingering question then is:

“Should I ever REMOVE that “Under Construction” sign?

In truth, it will ALWAYS be valid because we WILL always be under construction as is virtually EVERY person or business on the planet.

Those who aren’t will stagnate . . . and ultimate shrivel up and vanish.

Keep on Livin’

Just sayin’



PS – One of the fundamental tenets of the Pareto Realty business model is to be “Light on our feet and AGILE” so we can shift and adapt appropriately as the environment transforms . . . and so we flow!

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