Uncertainty – An avoidable destructive force

Don’t let’m see you flinch!

I see this often on the soccer field even as the Coach spends hours and hours training the players to play with confidence and to run THROUGH the ball.

What this means is that the player’s focus must always be beyond the ball . . . so the goal is no longer “winning the ball” and becomes execution of what happens after gaining possession of the ball.

This level of certainty ain’t easy because there’s certainly one or more other players within feet of that ball with the same goal.

Invariably, it’s the player with the most steadfast resolve to accomplish the mission who emerges with the ball or successfully sends it to a teammate who then does miraculous feats.

This rings true throughout life in our personal and professional lives.

How do we condition ourselves not to hesitate or flinch in the thick of the competition?

If we’re negotiating a deal (In my world, it’s a Real Estate Purchase or Sale), KNOWLEDGE is essential.

We REALTORS MUST know the contractual tools of our trade – Contracts, Addenda, Amendments, Disclosures.

We must KNOW what each form does, how it works, when it’s appropriate, and how to execute it effectively.

Until or unless we KNOW these forms, we are relatively inert . . . because we’re proceeding with uncertainty.

It’s not so easy to ‘splain something we don’t understand to a client to build a strategy that may or may not be “valid” and/or built on solid ground.

It’s pretty easy to identify a “less knowing” professional who tends to compensate by creating additional (unnecessary) language which often is not much more than a re-statement of terms that are already addressed in the fine print of the document . . . and/or misexecution of the check boxes and blank lines.

The tragic result damages the client the most as he/she understands even less and is making decisions based on the advice and counsel of their representative.

This scenario rarely goes well, and everyone learns.

A better way?

Just listen to our soccer coach – Incessant TRAINING!

On Tuesday September 15 from 11-12:30 I’ll be offering a training/Mastermind session for an efficient run through of the myriad forms the Tennessee Association of REALTORS provides for us REALTORS.

This will NOT be a line-by line analysis (You can do that part as homework). but we WILL address every form’s function and appropriate use.

Please let me know if you’re interested in attending to hone your knowledge.

Let’s keep it clean out there.

BTW – I’ll be offer Training Sessions every 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 11-12:30 – All topics will be relevant to issues and opportunities we REALTORS are facing in our market daily.

Here’s hoping to see you soon.


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