turning pages – LOTS of pages!

As I write this blog post in our living room, I see in front of me a coffee table with no fewer than 30 books in 2 piles.

I know that one of the piles is “books already read” and the other pile is “books to be read”.

The reader?

Allison, our 9 year old 3rd grader is on a mission to excel. She gets “Book credits” for every book she reads between February 1-15.

If she accumulates 100 book credits, she qualifies for the highest Honor of being a proud member of the “Hornet Club” . . . Allison hit that benchmark on the 8th . . . only 1/2 way through the Read-A-Thon.

She’s still reading because she has a bigger goal. Allison wants to have the MOST book credits of ANYONE in her class and even the Most of anyone in the school.

Allison goes to bed reading, and she wakes up every morning and comes to breakfast with a book in-hand.

We have been to the public library twice in 5 days . . . each time checking out the maximum 25 books on Allison’s card.

“Category books” (science, History, Sports, non-fiction) get extra points – Allison has learned about Antony and Cleopatra, Babe Ruth, and a whole slew of other famous people.

We (parents) are not pushing Allison to perform at this level. She decided all by herself that this year is the year she is going to take this Read-A-Thon SERIOUSLY. She is going for the gold.

This Read-A-Thon has a financial purpose. Allison is looking for sponsors to donate money to support her effort . . . that money goes straight to the Julia Green PTO and provides for additional teachers in the school and excellent programs.

Isn’t this fundraiser marvelous? Much better than the annual sale of candy bars . . .

Will you pay Allison to read? If so, simply let me know how much you are sending and pop a check in the mail to me @

Pareto Realty 

102 Woodmont blvd Suite 242

Nashville, TN 37205 

What can we all learn from this event with respect to our own personal and business practices?

What motivates YOU in your work . . . your art?

Where’s your passion?


What are you doing about it?

I think now is as good a time as any to seize this bull by the horns and GO FOR THE GOLD in your life.

I’m just sayin’



From the Julia Green Elementary website:


February 1st-15th
It is our hope during these two weeks of exciting reading that not only do our students raise funds for Julia Green, they also discover the stimulating world of good literature. During the Read-a-Thon, students collect money from sponsors. Contributions are collected for number of books or pages read. Also, sponsors may donate a lump sum for the student’s reading effort.

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