Turn OFF your Auto-responder

It lacks Intimacy!

If you insist on keeping it ON, at least have it tell the truth:

“Thank you for your email! I know you invested your valuable Time, energy, and attention to crafting your message to me and are hopeful that I will read it immediately and respond soon, but the truth is I’m too busy to respond to all of my emails, so this automatic response is just a formality to let you know that I may not personally respond . . . EVER . . . I will; however, instantly and automatically plug you into my weekly “Drip” campaign, so I can keep putting my name in front of you forever. Each of those emails will consistently Educate you on the process of Buying and/or Selling a house and encourage you to contact us when you are ready to transact business with our company.”

Ah yes!

Now, we are being transparent and truthful.

We all know where we stand,

While the example above represents a Real Estate Sales auto-response, it is representative of many email responses I have recently received from on-line inquiries to a variety of companies.

I would rather no response whatsoever than a fluffed epistle about how much the company cares, followed by . . . nothing.

Are they really THAT busy?

They’re not interested in new customers?

Is anyone in their organization monitoring Web Generated inquiries?


Where’s the gap?

and while we’re at it . . . I called and the voice mailbox was full, so I couldn’t leave a message . . . I sent a text . . . and received an auto-respond text message with an invitation to visit the website.

Why can’t we all just COMMUNICATE?


Published by Barry Owen

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  1. Barry, I have to laugh at my own response to your blog yesterday about ” complacency” my own miss spelling:) I read most of your posts, they are informative!!! I reply to most of them. I don use an auto responder on purpose. If anything like that gets turned on it is by accident. I hope you have not tried to call me because my message line does sometime get full this cell number is 9249227 thank you for your interesting posts

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