Trusting the process

When in uncharted territory, it’s easy to lack trust.

Most folks who enter unknown terrain find a guide to help them through the rough spots and around the dangerous spots thereby significantly increasing their odds of reaching the objective relatively unscathed.

For most folks, buying or selling a house is “uncharted Territory.”

the reality is that the process has been very fluid for the past several years as the macro-economic and political environment have produced a steady stream of new regulations that affect the flow of the transaction.

If you bought or sold a house more than 6 months ago, I can GUARANTEE that the process is now different – regardless of where you are in the Nation.

Most communities are in the midst of a shift – a swinging of the pendulum – from “Buyer’s Market” to “seller’s Market” and things are evolving at a hyper-pace.

The difficult part for the Home Buyers and Seller is “LETTING GO” and being less attached to outcome. In search of solid and predictable process, they are often surprised by many of the same things that ALL real Estate markets experience – Inspection related issues, Appraisal Issues, Mortgage Underwriting guidlines . . . and any one of these steps in the process could single-handedly derail the entire transaction.

Trust in the process is essential.

Any relatively sane human could easily abandon sanity and reason for obsessing over all of the things that COULD happen that might stop the transaction in its tracks.

The irony is that all of those pitfalls have ALWAYS present in EVERY real estate transaction . . . none of this stuff is new to the seasoned professional.

So . . . The lesson . . .

When in uncharted territory, engage a seasoned guide . . . and let go of your need to control.




BTW – I and the Real estate Sales Professionals at Pareto Realty are REAL pros at navigating this environment. If you or anyone you know is considering a move, increase your odds of success by giving us a call NOW 🙂


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