Training Wheels for Thanksgiving! – Monday Morning Coffee

Most people are “Too Busy” to think About Thanksgiving today.

After all, the day is not for another 10 days, so what’s the hurry?

Besides . . . The Marketers all but ignore one of the most significant days of the year as they turn up the volume of driving people to the retail stores to buy their STUFF.

These hawkers have relegated Thanksgiving to be not much more than “The Day Before Black Friday.”

Sadly, I hear from our children that they are learning in their schools that Thanksgiving is a tainted Celebration because it celebrates a day that’s connected to Columbus who “was mean to the natives.” Let’s put that to rest . . . This is THANKSGIVING – and not “Columbus Day”

If we ARE thinking about Thanksgiving, it may be for the purpose of planning the day for your family.

Who is travelling where?

Who’s preparing the meal?

What dread lurks in the recesses of folks’ minds as they anticipate the “Family Dynamics” that always seem to surface at “occasions”?

Seth Godin published a post this morning entitled A Thanksgiving Reader as an invitation for readers to remember the reason for the day individually and collectively.

His invitation is to visit this URL – where you’ll find a collection of stories and tributes to being thankful.

The idea is that we print all of these (there are 17) and read the ones we choose aloud during the Thanksgiving Feast . . . and to create our own traditions around this idea.

So . . . THIS Monday Morning, I am hoping that we can reclaim the Thanksgiving Celebration for what it truly is about . . . Being THANKFUL for the Harvest of our work, for all of the people in our lives, and for our good health and fortune.

Nothing more!

PS – I’m totally cool with the marketers not sensationalizing and exploiting Thanksgiving for profit. Let’s just keep this day of Thankfulness to ourselves and the people in our lives we love 🙂

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