Too good to be true

Odds are decent, it’s NOT (true)!

Sometimes “incentives” are beneficial, but don’t EVER forget that every business needs to be profitable.

Beware the “Bait and Switch” . . . When you find out the deal that got you in their door is no longer available, but we have all this other great stuff you can buy.

Or the ever-so-cunning funny math scenario . . . Like the Home Builder’s “Lending partner” offering to pay $5,000 of the buyer’s closing costs as an incentive only to find out that the cash to closing is no better than the competition, and the interest rate is higher.

How ’bout the recent tweet from one of the Zillow marketers that with the average rent of $1,400/mth, the renter could buy a $289,900 house? The reality is that this is not reality. It would require @ $40,000 down payment and an unrealistically low interest rate.

Be careful out there!

Work only with professionals you know and trust.

Take the time to compare quotes . . . ESPECIALLY for insurance and mortgage.

This is one of the very few blog posts I will ever write that carries the flavor of pessimism, and it’s with good and valid intent.

There are people, MANY people, who will dupe you if let them.

PS – I and the Vital Few REALTORS of Pareto Realty stand poised and ready to help you separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to all things real estate in Nashville and all of Middle Tennessee.

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