Tis now the season to be THE source for ALL things Real Estate

Many REALTORS go into hibernation when the weather gets frightful.

If the weather doesn’t happen to be frightful, there’re are many other perfectly sound reasons to take your foot off the gas . . . to decrease the intensity of our business during the Holiday season and beyond.

Why not have your cake and eat it too?

I’m NOT a party pooper!

In fact, quite the opposite because I am a staunch advocate of partying like a rock star during this celebratory time.


If you have nowhere to go, invite others and be the host of the party(ies).

I challenge you to see IN PERSON every person you know in the next 6 weeks.

This is the best “Lead Generation” you could ever do . . . be with (and be seen by) lots of people.

Whether you’ve been a REALTOR for 2 weeks or 25 years, YOU are THE source for ALL things real estate to all of these people.

Everyone just LOVES to talk about real estate, so you’re doing everyone a HUGE favor by mentioning that you are a Real Estate Sales Professional.

What you’re doing is offering a topic of discussion that is sure to stimulate copious profound insights and experiences.

Just by the sheer nature of the fact that you have a real estate license, you’ve become a real estate “public figure”, and people crave hearing your answer to the question:

“How’s the market?”

As you’re basking in your new-found fame, take good notes.

“Debrief” yourself the day after each party to make a list of everyone you saw and what real estate related did they say.

If they’re not already in your database, add them along with good notes.

Send them a handwritten card in the mail.

Attend party – Debrief – Send handwritten note . . . Repeat!

Don’t be a secret agent!


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