Time for the Holiday Shuffle – Monday Morning Coffee

Halloween kicks off a fantastic opportunity for a magnanimous slide in productivity at work.

We have SO many great reasons in the coming weeks to take our eyes off the ball of maintaining our diligence in our respective work places.

Yep! The scales have great potential of swinging from high energy work flow and new initiatives to personal revelry.

Don’t get me wrong here!

I DO want you to celebrate, but not at the the cost of stalling your forward motion in your work.

You’ve worked all year to make 2015 your BEST year EVER . . . Let’s not end it with a pfft!

We all know that Veterans Day is this week – a day off from work? . . . closely followed by the LONG weekend of Thanksgiving which somehow then morphs into a month of Christmas/Holiday preparations and celebrations . . . after which we celebrate the coming of the NEW YEAR!

One might think that losing productivity through the months of November and December would provide us ample incentive to LAUNCH into full scale effort on January 2 . . . but I’m certain Mother Nature will provide many more justifiable reasons to avoid the work place (snow and ice and COLD weather).

When do we get “back to work?”

For some, it’ll be mid March . . . a mere 5 1/2 month hiatus from intentional focus.

If ANY of the above rings true for you, I hereby invite you to try something different this year.

Go ahead and pull out your calendar today and begin charting your course for the remainder of 2015 and your projection of your force and talents into 2016.

Reserve plenty of time for partying AND for VERY intentional and FOCUSED blocks of time for your business.

Sustain and enhance your momentum and propel yourself above and beyond many of your peers as they slumber/hibernate.

Here at Pareto Realty, we are ¬†tomorrow gathering to begin the charting of our course to serve more Home Buyers and Sellers and to grow our firm by adding more “Vital Few Real Estate Sales Professionals” to our ranks in 2016.

We know that the local real estate market is presenting challenging new conditions for real transactions in the coming year, and we are READY.

If a move is in your near or distant future, connect with me NOW, so we can assess your needs and build a strategy to get you and your family there in 2016.

Happy Monday!

Hope you have a great week.




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