Time for Retreat?

How often do you take yourself on a retreat?

When’s the last time you carved out a bit of time (Couple hours or days) during which you were accountable ONLY to yourself with no outside noise or distractions whatsoever?

This does not require checking yourself into a┬ámonastery for ultimate isolation, but that’s definitely a sure-fire way to get what you really need in the way of “Retreat.”

Could be as easy as heading to a nearby campground with a tent for a night or 2 to “commune with Nature” . . . all by yourself.

This cannot happen unless you leave behind ALL forms of electronic gadgetry.

No Cell phone

No Computer

No ipad

No ipod

No radio


No xbox

No Wii

and all PEOPLE (Yes! This includes Friends, Family, Work etc)

Just YOU . . . and whatever you have going on in your own head.

Might be cool to bring a pad of paper and some pencils, magic markers, paint and brushes so that you write, draw, create some visuals of the “work” during your retreat.

The only rule is that whatever happens on retreat stays on retreat.

Whatever you write or draw is for YOU and no-one else . . . Unless something comes from it that you wish to share.

Retreat gives you something few of us experience frequently in this raplex world . . . CONTROL!

For that period of time – As long as you follow the “rules of personal retreat” above, you’re in full control of your NOW . . . You can think anything you want to think, do anything you want to do (Even if it’s NOTHING), and get to know yourself better.

Make time for retreat every time you get in a funk and start not liking the people around you . . . and you might find yourself leading a kinder & Gentler life!

Just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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