Time Flies when we focus on important stuff

The cliche is “Time Flies when you’re having fun”

and that is true, but just because time flew during all that fun, what got done?

My favorite feeling is that of accomplishment . . . having achieved something important.


Because that’s where the passion resides.

It’s not always fun.

In fact, sometimes it’s grueling and unfun . . . but it’s passion-driven, so we continue with grit and determination.

That determination is “mouse in a maze on a mission to find and consume the cheese.”

Indefatigably in pursuit of making a difference by attending to (focusing on) the things that matter that lift us and everyone around us higher.

Individually, we can make a HUGE difference in this world . . . bit by bit . . . simply by following our passion.

A great by-product of this is that it also happens to be . . .


This post was inspired by Seth Godin’s blog post today:

Fun, urgent or fear-based

Most of what we do at work all day is one of these three.

Fun: It’s engaging, it gives us satisfaction, people smile.

Urgent: Someone else (or perhaps we) decided that this paper is on fire and it has to be extinguished before anything else happens.

Fear-based: Most common of all, the things we do to protect ourselves from the fear we’d have to sit with if we didn’t do them.

Not on this list: important.

A day spent doing important work is rare indeed. Precious, too.

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