Tiger LIVES!

Last week, I posted a story about Tiger (our Rabbit) who was (so it seemed) on his death bed. My post last week was mostly about the bedside manner of the Vet as he prepared us for the worst . . . inferring that it might be best to “Put him down.”

We opted for “Plan B.” The vet hydrated Tiger with an IV and gave him an antibiotic shot . . . and sent us home to care for him.

We wanted a MIRACLE!

We knew that there was not much we could do to save Tiger – That it would ultimately be up to him to eat and drink to regain his strength. We knew that if he might ultimately choose to die, but we chose to try.

We think the Thursday night Thunderstorm took the will to live out of him.

I didn’t believe (as the doctor surmised) that Tiger had been sick for weeks.

We started a regimen of loving him – Feeding him fresh veggies and water in a bowl every couple of hours. The more we loved on him, the stronger he got.

Ears are UP now . . . and he is eating from his bowl and drinking on his own.

Miraculous recovery?

I’m not convinced it’s as much a medical recovery as an emotional/mental recovery.

Just as in “real life” for us humans, sometimes life gets us DOWN. We struggle and practice various forms of denial, embarrassment, shame, pride . . . and may even give up trying to “do it all by myself” . . .

Often, it’s not until we get some help – just a nudge or 2 – some words of encouragement – a kind gesture – that we can shift our emotional/mental outlook and begin shifting momentum to the positive.

The “work” is something only WE can do for ourselves, yet it’s often a loving nudge from a friend that’s gets us moving forward.

So . . .

If you’re down, open yourself to a nudge from someone else . . . allow vulnerability by accepting others’ nudges.

If you’re flying high . . . keep your peripheral vision active for others who might benefit from a nudge from you . . . and be generous.

We’re all in this together.



PS: This is NOT about “DOING for others” . . . It’s ALL about nudging them to DO for themselves.

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