This will make a nice home for someone one day!

Without question, I have great passion for this Art of helping people buy or sell houses.

As I near completion of my 20th year as a Real Estate Sales Professional, I reflect back through all of those years and remember each and every “Transaction.”

The reality that sets in is that a real estate transaction is MUCH more than “Just a Transaction” to House Buyers and Sellers.

Most of these structures/spaces we call “Houses” that we are selling are actually HOMES to the Buyers and Sellers.

The Sellers have made them their HOME for a period of time and have memories and emotions that go with the sale.

The Buyers are buying the houses with anticipation and trepidation as they face the reality that once the transaction closes, they will transform that house into their HOME.

Of course, some of these Buyers and Sellers DO deal only in HOUSES because they buy as investments to flip, scrape and Build, or hold and lease . . . Interestingly, even these Investors must have a keen awareness of the undeniable fact that whether it be tenants or buyers, their numbers will work more to their favor (be more profitable) if they pay attention to the features that the intended inhabitant desires in order to make it a HOME.

It is with great humility that I as a REALTOR accept the privilege of working with these Residential Buyers and Sellers because I know that each time we reach the closing table, the significance is FAR more than “just a transaction.”

I know that Moving from one Home to another ranks right up there with Weddings, Babies, Graduations . . . in terms of significant life benchmarks . . .

This is why I call this work I do with Buyers and Sellers an Art.

It’s not science . . . Yes there is a “process” which includes a fair amount of “Standard” paperwork and choreographed steps along the way, but unless we stay tuned to the real purpose of the pursuit and the nuances of why the Buyers and Sellers are deciding to up-end their lives to move their HOME, we will create a less than stellar experience.

We REALTORS must wear many hats:

  • Trusted Adviser
  • Knowledgeable Real Estate Sales Professional
  • Resource for Experts to support us along the way (Attorneys, Inspectors, Lenders, Contractors, etc)
  • Friend
  • Counselor/Psychologist
  • Devil’s advocate

Usually at the end of a transaction, we’re all “family.”

Every day, I receive an email with a link to a “TedTalk.” ┬áMost of these talks are 15 minutes or less . . . long enough that I will only watch them if something about the titles strikes a chord of relevance for me.

I invite you to watch the one below . . . There’s some real relevance to this concept of HOME.

One of my favorite clients (who are definitely Family to me now) are Steve and Stephanie. I initially met them at an Open House I was hosting in a condo several years ago.

“Capturing House Buyers at Open Houses” is not a skill set I have ever acquired . . . I just couldn’t find that kind of “Sales” within . . . so I did what I do best – Made conversation and invite.

Steve, Stephanie and I talked for about 30 minutes about their goals and the process of buying their first house including the importance of having Exclusive Buyer Representation, and they left.

A few weeks later, they called me back and told me that they had attended lots of Open Houses and did not feel comfortable with “all of those aggressive and pushy” REALTORS out there – Would I be willing to work with them to buy their first house?

Of course I agreed, and we scheduled an appointment for an initial consultation after which we began looking at houses.

During the process of looking at houses, there’s a really cool “dance” that ensues, and every buyer has a different style and rhythm. I’m watching “Body Language” and LISTENING very carefully and observing the clients’ demeanor in every house . . . and always looking for signs to let me know when they’re “done” looking at each house.

Steve and Stephanie would split and go different directions, so I couldn’t follow both so I did my own thing (checking for up-dates and general condition) . . .

After we had been inside the 3rd house for about 6 minutes, I heard Stephanie say:

“Well! THIS will make a nice home for someone one day!”

AHA! From that moment til the end of our search, that would be the cue for Steve and me to head for the front door . . . Stephanie had nitzed it, and she was done . . . Time to move on.

I’ll never forget this . . . Stephanie was right . . . EVERY one of those houses DID make a nice home for someone . . . just not her and Steve ­čÖé

So . . . When you’re ready for a move, connect with me so we can get together and start the process of selling your current home and ┬áfinding the perfect house in which you can make a nice home.

Enjoy the Talk below.




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