This place is a MESS

Have you ever seen the kitchen of ANY restaurant after a busy lunch rush of business?

Odds are good, it’ll be a MESS.

Even though the mantra in most kitchens is “Clean as you go,” when things get wild, the chef’s focus turns to what matters most – Timely delivery of consistently good looking and tasty food for EVERY customer who shows up and orders.

Chefs who can deliver the product even in the face of the RUSH are the ones who become famous . . . and in most cases are essential for the overall success of the restaurant.

When the rush is over, it’s time to clean up the mess and prepare for the next rush.

When I was in the Army, we trained and trained and trained. Our focus was on learning our specialties to the degree that they were automatic.

Every soldier in my unit could disassemble and assemble an M-16 with eyes closed.

Every soldier internalized the fundamentals of war (MOSSMOUSE).

Every soldier knew the commands and signals and movements applicable for every conceivable battlefield scenario.

Every soldier had full confidence in the other members of the unit (Squad, Platoon, Company, Battalion, Brigade) . . . because we all knew that when in combat, our survival and ability to stop and neutralize our enemy relied 100% on our collective internalized knowledge and TEAMWORK.

Even with all of that training . . . things always got messy during missions . . . because of what we called “The fog of war”

In the heat of the rush or the battle, the true pros focus mostly on what MATTERS the most. This is hyper-focus on the objective . . . and nothing else . . . and it can look REALLY MESSY to the casual observer.

So if you are a “Neat Freak”to the nth degree and find yourself in paralysis because of things that are out of place during the rush . . . and obsessively compulsively struggling to maintain neat and orderly EVERYTHING even in the face of the rush (Sudden Surge of Business activity), I invite you to let yourself (and others) off the OCD hook until the rush is over . . . THEN clean up the mess to your heart’s content.

Don’t let your desire to maintain Tidiness distract your focus from the things that MATTER the most – Serving the client – Finishing the deal.

In my world of Professional Real Estate Sales, things can get VERY messy during transactions as paperwork flies around the place digitally and tangibly . . . and invariably some details are missed to be cleaned up later.

Sometimes, it’s messy enough to drive anyone leaning toward being Obsessive Compulsive to the Loony Bin (Asylum) . . . and as they “lose it” and struggle with the mess, strong emotions often show up.

IMHO, this is unnecessary stress!

Let GO!

Take a chill pill!

LASER Focus ONLY on what matters MOST!

and when the rush is over, take a deep breath . . . and clean up the mess.

Herein lies one of the many secrets to being a good Chef 🙂



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