Thinking about the holidays already?

OK Mr. & Mrs. Seller, I know your house has been on the market for a couple of months now and you were hoping it would be SOLD by now, right? I received your email this morning saying that you would like to take your house off the market in mid-October because you don’t want to be moving during the Holidays.

Does this mean that if you don’t sell your house in the next 2 weeks, you are going to give up this very exciting move? Have your goals changed?

Oh! . . . So you still want to move, you just don’t want the inconvenience of showings during the Holidays and (God forbid) the possibility that you would have to move during the holidays.

I see . . . so . . . If it were to mean that your goals were met (other than the timing) with respect to being able to buy the house of your dreams, you do not want to risk interruption of your holidays to do so?

Hmmm . . . There are SO many reasons – ESPECIALLY this year 2012 NOT to take your house off the market during the holidays. Each year towards the end of September, this issue surfaces because it is now that most folks are starting to make Holiday plans.

Here’s my opinion: If I REALLY wanted to move, I would happily show my house on Thanksgiving Day and Move on Christmas . . . Seriously, I would.

Here in the Nashville area, the inventory of available homes continues to shrink and there are still Buyers out there hunting. For every day you stay on the market, your odds of catching a buyer INCREASE.

What are interest rates going to do in 2013? Will you have the same, more, or less buying power for your new house?

That’s a complete unknown . . . Today’s rates are KNOWN and they are LOW!

Hmmm . . . so inventory is low now . . . will it also be low after the holidays? Do you really want be part of the herd of sellers who flood the market with new (old) listings in March? Who’s going to pick YOUR house out of the torrent?

Hey! Will the banks start releasing the 1.5 million foreclosed REO properties in their inventories at the end of the year? How will that affect values?

Mr. & Mrs. Seller, I beg of you not to buy into this herd mentality of taking your house off the market through the holidays . . . There are too many unknowns about the future for me to advocate this . . . especially when we consider the REAL reason for your move.

Let’s focus on getting you where you want to be!

Will you stay in the game through the holidays?



Pareto Realty – The Vital Few – We’re doing our unfair share of shrinking the Nashville Housing For Sale inventory and are poised and ready to help as many people as possible realize their goals even through the holidays.

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