They kept their word

Why is this often a surprise?

Shouldn’t “Keeping their word” be a given?

It should just happen without any need for nudging or badgering from the promisee.

They said they would do it, so we should be able to relax with the certainty that they’ll follow through on their promise.

Sadly, many people and/or organizations are GREAT at making promises and not so good at delivering them.

It’s like they develop amnesia within minutes of making the promise.

I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt because we are ALL very busy, and it could be a simple over-sight . . . a misplaced post-it note?

We notice even the smallest undelivered promises, and we take note (keep score).

Most of us won’t give more than a few chances to “make good” before we choose to take our business elsewhere.

We’re ALL guilty as charged occasionally, but don’t dare make it a personal or organizational trend lest you wake up one morning customerless.

It’s little promises like:

  • “I’ll call you back this afternoon.”
  • “The Check’s in the mail.”
  • “I’ll credit your account.”
  • “Our Driver will call you when he’s 20 minutes away.”
  • “If we don’t answer the phone within 2 rings, we’ll send you a Starbucks Gift Card”

We all hear these promises and I’m betting most folks assume they won’t happen.

Recently, I invested in Skyslope as a Paperless Transaction solution for Pareto Realty. I LOVE it thus far. They are an awesome little company with a fantastic product.

A few of the big attractions was their promise of 24/7 customer service on-line and by telephone . . . AND that “If we don’t answer the phone within 2 rings, we’ll send you a Starbucks Gift Card”

A couple of weeks ago in our team meeting, one of our agents mentioned that she had called customer support, and they didn’t answer until after the 3rd ring. She said she did not “call them out” and that she wondered if they would actually send a gift card. There was lots of eyeball rolling in the room as most everyone had very low confidence that the gift card would show up. After all, we conjectured, what kind of follow-up system and accountability would manage THAT process?

Guess what?

The gift card showed up today with a note.

Skyslope promises AND delivers.

How ’bout you and your business?

How can you improve your Promise:Deliver ratio?

This matters . . . even and especially with the smallest of promises.

Go forth and PROSPER!

Published by Barry Owen

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