In lieu of a “normal” team meeting yesterday, I opted for an alternative mode of sales motivation.

I bought popcorn and bagels and a new copy of Glengarry GlenRoss, and we watched the whole thing. This movie is fabulously, poignantly, instructive of the importance of LEADS for ANYONE in sales.

Below, I share with you the oh-so-famous speech a la Alec Baldwin (who else could deliver such a speech so smoothly and effectively). Before you click the link, BEWARE that this speech (and this movie) is chock full of PROFANITY and even a hint of vulgarity (The movie is rated “R”), so don’t watch it if you offend easily.

The sole topic of this entire movie centers around LEADS for these salespeople who are in a substantially deep rut of relying on their Firm to provide them LEADS which they can then CLOSE.

These salesmen want the GOOD leads . . . those leads which convert with little effort . . . the low hanging fruit, but the firm is giving THOSE leads to the “closers” who the firm KNOWS will CLOSE them. Why would the firm risk giving the good leads to salespeople who don’t have a good track record of CLOSING deals?

There’s reference to the “cost” of these leads. These “GOOD LEADS” cost more to acquire than the others . . . they have more worth to the firm, so the firm owners direct the managers (Brokers) to give them ONLY to the top performers . . . The other salespeople who are in a world of grumbling and whining and commiserating in the office around the coffee pot, receive the leads that they consider to “BAD” . . . Tire kickers who will never buy . . .

So . . . do you want the good leads?

Prove to me that can CLOSE DEALS, and I’ll give you access to the good leads!

For me, watching this scenario play out as grown men scratch and claw their way through a “Lord of the Flies” survival of the fittest sales career is reminiscent of many of my experiences with a variety of firms throughout my 24 years of selling real estate.

For me, the underlying message rings true for ALL salespeople. Are you in this business to be handed fish and be dependent upon your firm for your income, or would you rather learn how to fish and prosper independently?

Certainly, there are plenty of very successful sales folks in both scenarios because the most successful folks in sales (the 20%ers – “Vital Few”) outperform all the others (the 80%ers – “Trivial Many”) either get the good leads from their firms OR gather their OWN good leads with a persistent and consistent lead generation discipline BECAUSE they know that ALL leads are GOOD . . . It’s up to the sales person to convert and CLOSE each and every lead.

This is brutal stuff because it ain’t rocket science, and it requires hard work and diligence, AND all of that hard work ultimately leads to a solid business which begins to self-perpetuate with repeat and referral business.

The reason I say it’s “brutal” is that the real truth is that ANYONE can do this, and those who aren’t might have to look at themselves in the mirror and admit that sales isn’t the right career for them.

Hopefully I’ve piqued your curiosity enough that you’ll watch this entire movie (profanity and vulgarity and all) . . . and learn.

I wish for you nothing but the BEST leads.


GO get’m!

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