These 2 are not like the others

The Nashville Real Market is HOT!

It’s SO hot that the inventory of available houses is abysmally LOW to the chagrin and frustration of Local REALTORS and house buyer wannabes.

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One by-product of this “HOTness” is the emergence of Builder and Developer Strategies to offer more NEW construction options, and a big part of their strategy includes (of Course) optimizing their PROFIT.

Low inventory + Increased Buyer Demand = RISING PRICES of ALL houses but more importantly . . . the DIRT upon which the houses sit.

So . . . builders and developers are looking for ways to build more housing units on the available dirt giving rise to a very deliberate effort to INCREASE HOUSING DENSITY which, of course, will increase the number of PEOPLE which, of course, will affect traffic and other “quality of life” issues.

ms1501272-108“In-fill construction” is one such density increasing strategy – Buy an old house on a good lot – Remove the house and build 2 Houses on that same lot. This tends to create tall skinny houses with sometimes funky floor plans and often awkward Exterior looks that don’t match the general look and fell of the street/neighborhood. The neighbors tend not to like this.
Increasing Density also comes with creative building and development of “Mixed use” projects that might include retail, office, apartment and/or condominium.


There’s some good that comes from this for those who have a craving for “Urban Living”. As the density increases, more and more “walkable” neighborhoods are popping up all over Middle TN.

This promotes more outdoor and community living as folks walk to the coffee shop in the morning and the restaurant in the evening and neighbors meet neighbors.

Occasionally, we see something different (not like the others) pop into view in the market.

4124 & 4126 Granny White Pike are 2 primo examples of In-fill done right 🙂


The floor plans are extremely efficient and LIVE LARGE boasting 4+ Bedrooms and 3.5 Baths and an open floor plan that’s not so open that you can’t escape to a private space.

ms1501272-129Sumptuous Master Bedroom on the main level + a “Flex room that could be another bedroom or office. This bonus Room is HUGE and away from the formal ares. Upstairs also has this fabulous space that could have any number of uses – A stage for Kid’s Performances, Library, Homework station, Office . . .

In their infinite wisdom, the Builders realized that there was very limited off-street parking, so they invested an extra $30K to create it, so these houses have 2 car garages to the rear and parking areas in the front . . . GENIUS!

The finishes are several notches above the “standard” . . . Incredible fixtures and attention to every detail all the way down to the laundry chute 🙂

While the pictures are great (Kudos to Showcase Photographers), the only way you can really appreciate how these houses are different than others is to see it yourself, so . . . Connect with Heidi Jordan 615-642-2863 to schedule your own personal tour.

ms1501272-117TOMORROW January 30, these houses will be OPEN from 4-7 PM, so you can sneak in for an early peek.ms1501272-113



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