There’s plenty!

Of course! Pull up a chair!

Christmas day isn’t full of family enjoying good company and bountiful food and beverage for everyone.

I remember this from my college days and my days in the Army.

Invariably, I would know of a few students/soldiers who didn’t have a “Home” to go to during the Holidays . . . or have a home but were not able to travel.

These folks would observe in solitude as everyone around them buzzed along with excitement as they prepared for the big day.

I’ve been one of those people a few times, and it never felt good.

One time, I remember wishing that someone might invite me and was too proud to ask . . . so alone I was.

Those days were tough, and I learned from them.

I learned that there is always enough.

There’s always enough room at the table for another person.

There’s plenty of food even if it means that everyone eats a bit less (less gluttonous).

The reason for this (Christmas) season is all about this, so I invite.

and I sincerely hope that some folks will rise to the invitation and show up because when they do, they bring a Spirit with them . . . a Spirit of gratitude which lifts everyone present.

This year’s invitations are for Dinner on Christmas day and my annual “RibFest” on the Eve of New years eve (Saturday the 30th).

There will be plenty for whoever shows up.

We will all be more rich from the stew of fellowship.

Merry Christmas from Owen Hollow!

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