There’s ALWAYS a blip!

When a transaction is moving along smooth as silk with not a ripple, I worry.

I’m generally an optimist (sometimes to a fault) so my declaration that “There’s ALWAYS a blip!” is slightly out of character for me . . . which is OK because it’s TRUE.

I tell EVERY client early in the process that there’s ALWAYS a blip . . . and often it has to do with an uncontrollable . . . not necessarily because anyone dropped a ball . . . only because “Murphy’s watching and wants to be certain we comply with his law.

If we’re lucky, we’ll hit this blip EARLY so we can feel better about the rest of the process.

Sometimes, there are MULTIPLE BLIPS . . . in which case I notify the client that someone has cast a spell on them and/or is torturing a voodoo doll with their name on it . . . . all we can do is roll with the punches and push through with humor by exclaiming with a grin: “Of COURSE there’s excessive radon in the house that’s gonna cost $2,200 to mitigate!” 🙂

I can handle all of the above with grace.

What’s most exasperating is that last minute WHAMMIE! that sometimes shows up within days or on the day of closing.

Oh . . . Like when the movers roll the oriental area rug in the bonus room and reveal that the dye from the rug has seeped into the wall-to-wall carpet underneath leaving an indelible imprint . . . on the day before closing.

or the movers who move the refrigerator and the washer and dryer that were contractually to remain . . .

or the Seller who switched the high end kitchen appliances with scratch and dent, low grade appliances – after the final walk-through but before the closing . . . only to be discovered upon move-in by the new Buyer

or the Seller who was found sitting in his lazy-boy in his boxer shorts sporting a pot belly and a budweiser with no indication of intent to pack and move out . . . on the MORNING of closing with a contract requiring possession with delivery of deed.

Oh! . . . I could write a BOOK!

The only thing to do?

Lighten up . . . and do whatever it takes to make things things right.

Such is the life of a REALTOR 🙂

BTW! In most cases, it is predominantly deemed by all parties to be the REALTOR’S fault.





It’s like a box of chocolates


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