There’s a reason . . .

Why did THAT happen?

Why does HE keep showing up? seems like suddenly I see him EVERYWHERE!

I haven’t heard THAT song in forever . . . then 3 times this week.

There’s a reason . . . for everything and everyone who shows up your life.

The hitch is that it’s entirely up to YOU to learn the reason – and you cannot learn the reason unless you notice – and PAUSE – and reflect – and ASK.

When things or people suddenly become a theme in your landscape, it probably has more to do with what’s going on in YOUR head than anything . . . You’re filtering out all of the “noise” that has been covering up your consciousness of this thing/song/person.

this built-in filtering device is sometimes known as the “reticular Activator, and you were born with it.

Now that you know you have one . . . have some fun.




Often, this leads to subtle or significant shifts that just might lead to some pretty awesome experiences and relationships.

follow your nose!

effective use of the reticular activator is instrumental during the process of buying and/or selling a house . . . REALLY . . . It IS!

So often, home Buyers and sellers enter the process without the foggiest clue as to WHY . . . and the BEST real estate sales professionals are the ones who are “reticular Activator whisperers” who can help folks turn it ON.

So . . . What’s been popping up suddenly in your field of vision?



Published by Barry Owen

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