There’s a lot of change going on out here!


What else is new?

If things weren’t changing, we’d be bored, stagnant . . . dead.

Not all of us like change.

Fall is one of those seasons that I notice a substantially variable opinion of change . . . Some folks LOVE the cooler weather and relish the notion that snow may come this year (in Middle TN, snow in the winter is not a given) . . . Others bemoan the absence of the Summer heat.

Good thing we’re all different.

Other changes happen in Fall . . . Obvious things like leaves falling off trees . . . and I notice a significant number of people seizing this seasonal change as an opportunity for their career to shift in a different direction.

Why in Fall?

Well in my neck of the woods, the general business climate always faces a relatively large disruption as we all stand here looking at the upcoming holiday season(s) beginning with Halloween in just a few weeks – followed closely by Thanksgiving – Then Christmas and Winter Break – New Years – and then those 2 “quiet months” January and February.

Done right, most REALTORS could easily justify a hiatus from work from November 1 til mid March – 4 1/2 months.


Don’t be one of those people 🙂

2 Quick thoughts.

If you’re hankering for a change, DO IT NOW! Quit procrastinating because odds are good that if you’re thinking about it, you’ve already mentally left the room (the old way) with at least one foot squarely planted in the other.

If this is you, you’re not likely performing in either place very well. Go ahead and eat that frog and just DO IT!

Thought 2 . . . Think of any unexpected down time as a gift. That is time for you to focus on theoretical business development. What can you do differently going forward?

Where are the gaps in your current way of doing things/serving people?

With Whom can you align yourself to leverage your goal for exceptional performance?

There are those 2 words again:


In life . . . What I wish for you is just that.

If you’re not feeling great about your personal level of performance in all aspects of your life (Home, Work, Play), perhaps it’s time for a change.

My recent, new friend Bud just jumped back into Real Estate Sales – a very scary change that is going to supercharge his performance in life . . . and I am seeing people all around me like popcorn changing real estate firms or mortgage companies . . . jobs . . . etc.

It’s ALL good, and the best thing we can do for each other is offer unconditional support and love all the while constructively devil’s advocating.

Change happens whether you want it or not.

I’m just sayin’



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  1. Thanks for the mention! What’s so amazing about a faith step into change is that we almost always immediately start getting confirmation…but only AFTER the step.

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