There’s a Form For That!

Every business has layers upon layers of FORMS.

For every form, there is a reason . . . and for most “Reasons,” there’s a form.

Occasionally, a reason surfaces for which there’s not a good fitting form . . . Invariably leading to the creation of yet another form.

MooseOf course (Following the logic of “If you Give a Moose a Muffin“), this then necessitates the for formation of a “Forms Committee” within every organization for the purpose of reviewing and revising and creating forms to match the new fangled “Best Practices” of the users of said forms.

NO ONE wants to be on this forms committee, and EVERYONE has plenty of “Constructive Criticism” about the forms.

You know . . . TOO MANY forms, and the ones we have are CONFUSING or don’t quite cover everything they should . . .

The Boss says these forms help us with consistency and keeping us “Honest” as we go about our business . . . Otherwise coined “Compliance to the STANDARD.”

For all of these forms to do their intended jobs properly, wouldn’t it make best sense for the USERS of these form to KNOW the forms?

Shouldn’t every one of the users have intimate knowledge of all forms available and what scenarios they cover as well as the finer points of what each form contains?

I know that I’m probably preaching to the choir . . . because if you are reading MY Blog, you MUST be a compliant person 🙂

So – The point of my babble about forms today . . . One thing I know for sure . . . When a “user” – Practitioner – Professional does not know the appropriate forms, that person’s customer/client will be under-served.

I don’t think that’s fair.

We pay the people who serve us to KNOW their own own profession . . . and that “KNOW” includes all of the pertinent forms and checklists.

I’m guessing that when you’re on an airplane, you are VERY hopeful that the Pilot and co-pilot are extremely attentive and knowledgeable . . . and CURRENT with their use of forms and checklists . . . because failure to know the up-dates or follow proper procedure might cause the plane to go the wrong destination . . . or randomly fall out of the sky.

I expect the same from Doctors, Lawyers, Restaurant Servers, Bankers, AND Real Estate Sales Professionals.

It pains me deeply to witness customers/clients being under served by “Professionals” who are too lazy to keep themselves fresh through CE (Continuing Education), and SE (Self Education).

When these “Under Servicing” events happen, the whole industry takes a reputation hit . . . Just as the time a plane falls out of the sky, the “Public Trust” drops a couple notches.

This “Public Trust” is fragile.

Don’t muck it up!

Focus on the fundamentals FIRST!

KNOW your forms and processes, and you will serve your clients well.

OK . . . Now, I guess I’ll get back to creating that new form I was working on (The good news is that creating this form “nets” one less form because I’m combining TWO)

Forms . . . a Necessary Evil!



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  1. So true about forms I usually try to have printed forms fromT A. R. For some clients because some are more accustomed to ” paper” even tho they are familiar with latest methods of communication Good article.

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