There are always 3 things

You – Me – Us

What – Where – When

Father – Son – Holy Spirit

People – Systems – Tools

Location – Location – Location

Whenever you’re making a plan, start with no fewer nor more than 3 critical components.

If you’ve got 2 and can’t think of the 3rd . . . keep thinking . . . Step away and come back refreshed. That 3rd will eventually show itself.

If you’ve got 4 or more . . . keep thinking . . . Which 3 of the bunch are non-negotiables?

Without those 3, this bird won’t get off the ground.

Yesterday, I met with Adviser David Furse at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. One of the perks of being a member of the EC is access to over 200 Advisers. My engagement comes as an extension of my participation in the Nashville Entrepreneur Organization‘s CATALYST6 program which is often referenced as an “MBA Program for Entrepreneurs.”

All of this comes about as a complement to my commitment to building Pareto Realty commensurate with the goal to attract the right Real Estate Sales Professionals to opt in as one of our elite team of “Vital Few” members.

So . . . While I learned a LOT from David Furse during that 60 minute meeting, the most significant is “There are always 3 things” . . .

Now is the right time for Pareto Realty to expand our Brand awareness throughout Middle Tennessee, and primary focus is on:

  1. WHERE we want to be?
    1. Identify Sub-markets – Put a map on the wall and visually define them
    2. Prioritize – Analyze each sub-market for niche validity. Are there enough sales to support a thriving niche agent?
    3. How will we “capture this Submarket? Build “Plan of attack”
  2. WHO we want to attract. What’s a “Right REALTOR to be Vital Few” look like?
    1. Niche Oriented – Understands the value of embedding into the LOCAL community where she lives, works, and plays – NOT a “Generalist”
    2. Entrepreneur – Committed to building a real business around serving the housing needs of the population of the sub-market
    3. Quality of Life – Having a life of Rhythm (Some folks call this “Balance”) –  Persistent and consistent High Performers (Elite Special Forces Vital Few)
  3. HOW will we successfully recruit them to our Team?
    1. Invite Established Producers – The “Right” Agents might already be working in the sub-market. We’ll invite them to join us as our “GOTO Specialist” for that niche.
    2. Relocate – Real Estate Agents experiencing “burn-out” from selling as “Generalists” who welcome this notion of focused, consistent business, and life Rhythm. Through Coaching and advising them, we will help them capture the niche.
    3. Create – We believe anyone with the right heart can do this, and we will work with newly licensed agents to establish their niche business

This is a very real example of : “There are always 3 things”

For every one of the 3 things above, there are 3 (more) things.

So in keeping with the theme, there are 3 goals of this post:

  1. Provide the reader a valuable new strategizing, business building tool
  2. Increase awareness around my commitment to build Pareto Realty throughout Middle Tennessee
  3. Attract the attention of the “Right People” who are seeking to join a Niche, performance, quality of life oriented Residential Real Estate Sales Team.

If YOU consider yourself to be one of these “Vital Few,” let’s connect!

and always remember there are always 3


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