Theoretically speaking!

I sent this text to my friend Buck:

I need someone to help me move some furniture next weekend. Will you be in town?

His reply was:

“theoretically looks good”

To which I replied:

“Most everything in my world is theoretical these days so that’s good enough for me :-)”

After all, the Zombie Apocalypse could emerge any day now, right?

Either one of us could conjure up a back injury between now and next weekend thereby making the moving of furniture a moot pursuit.

The sky could fall . . .

So . . . doesn’t it follow, then, that the making of future plans is, by definition, theoretical?

When’s the last time you made a plan and followed it from start to finish without any deviation whatsoever?

I rest my case!

So . . . this is, in no way, an intent to discourage you from making plans and setting goals as much as it is plea for you to cease taking it all so damned seriously and literally.

Give it some space and let it breathe a little.

A very interesting by-product of this suppression of your “control freak within” is the emergence of what can only be described a “Flow State” in which stuff just seems to happen (fall in place) with much less effort expended. The right people start showing at the right times in the right places.

This is powerful, yet I must mention a caveat: Beware the onset of “Freedom Shock!”

When some folks escape the constraints of their self-imposed need to control, they might lose focus on the original objective and develop a pattern of chasing bright, shiny objects that pop in and out of their peripheral vision. While this is not a tragic happening, it could create unnecessary delays and may even lead to accidental success of a different kind than originally intended.

eg . . . The engineers at 3M were (on the sly) working on an adhesive compound to be able attach removable book tabs for their Chorus Hymnals and accidentally created Post-it notes.

So . . . Could this be key to unlocking creativity?

I invite YOU to give it a try.

As I heard recently: Invitation is defined as something to which you can say: “No!”

So . . . If you’re not ready to let go of your control freak within, carry on!

I choose creativity and FLOW!

(How’s THAT for a rambling blog post?)

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