the way we do things around here

when in Rome do as the Romans do

Real estate is a LOCAL business.

Each locale has it’s own way of doing things.

If y’ain’t from around, you probly shouldn’t be tryin’ to do biz here unless you know how to act.

The Real Estate Law is Federal and State regulated, so any licensed real estate agent in Tennessee can legally sell real estate in any county, but should they?

Crossing county lines doesn’t change the applicable laws, but it very well may significantly change the customary way of doing business.

Differentiation may even exist from one side of town to another . . . Doing business in East Nasty has a different flavor than West Nashville which differs slightly from South and North and Brentwood and Franklin . . . yet we’re all within a 30 minute drive radius.

Crossing state lines is a whole nuther animal. First of all, it’s not legal unless the Real estate sales person has a license in both states . . . Secondly, the LAW may be COMPLETELY different.

So . . . If you’re in Minnesota, don’t call your REALTOR cousin in Kentucky for advice while you’re buying a house . . . find a local you trust.

Additionally, if you’re that REALTOR cousin in Kentucky, don’t give advice unless you happen to know the laws in Minnesota.

While I’m on the bandwagon . . . If you’re at work and happen to mention that you are buying a house, you’ll suddenly be SURROUNDED by work associates who suddenly seem to be Real Estate EXPERTS who are flush with great advice.


That’s a whole cauldron of trouble brewing to spoil your house buying adventure.

Find . . . and HIRE . . . a real estate sales professional you know, like, and trust who specializes in the area in which you want to buy let her do what you hired her to do . . . Protect your best interests and negotiate on your behalf.


Crossing boundaries for advice only complicates . . .

I often bill myself as “your resource for ALL things Real Estate” . . . and I can be . . . This doesn’t mean that I will personally serve or advise you every time . . . It means that I will always find the right LOCAL person to serve you best.

After all . . . you probably wouldn’t hire a ENT Doctor to treat your broken leg, would you?

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