The value of being light on your feet

Dancers know this term “Light on your feet”

What does it mean to be light on your feet?

(Click the link for required reading from a Salsa Dancer’s blog)

This is the state of being “grounded” such that you can “change your weight in an instant.”

We are all dancers in this thing called life.

Some of us are better and smoother at dancing than others, and I believe it boils down to this simple concept of being light on your feet.

When properly grounded and centered, we are more stable and intentional with every movement.

We get to this state through preparation and FOCUS.

In all things, we increase in confidence as we learn the importance of being more deliberate thereby opening the space for making smooth transitions when surprises show up.

Those who are light on their feet expect to be surprised and embrace change without losing balance.

So . . . I hope you’ll dance!


Published by Barry Owen

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