The Up-Sell Killed the Whole Deal

I needed one of these

163genie-carriage-inner-25605-0It’s a GENIE Carriage Inner Slide Chain Drive.

In simpler terms, it’s a little piece of plastic that attaches to the chain of a Garage Door Opener that makes it possible to engage or disengage the door from the chain.

This is for a house I am selling. The Opener is functioning just fine as is the door . . . The ONLY thing wrong is that this simple little plastic piece broke, so I figured even I could replace it (Only 2 screws) without much fuss.

I did what most folks do when they need stuff like this . . . headed down to the closest “Big Box Hardware Store.” Home Depot was closest.

When I walked in, I asked a very polite man where I could find Garage door Openers parts, and he offered to guide me to them.

As we walked, I showed him the part. He proceeded to inform me that Home Depot doesn’t carry many small parts for garage door openers because it’s actually better for people just to buy a new opener than to fix an old one.

I commented that the opener and the door were working fine . . . I just needed that one, small part.

He was ready for that “Objection” and opened a veritable Pandora’s Box of the myriad reasons a NEW opener would be FAR better than the old one.

I was not a believer, but I let him have the satisfaction of spewing his learned rhetoric.

When we arrived at the garage door aisle, we discovered he was right . . . they do NOT carry this small part but have a vast array of shiny NEW openers.

As he left me, I heard him speak (with a chuckle) to the Department Head of the garage Opener Aisle: “I brought another one back here looking for parts and sold him a new unit for ya.”


That was quite an up-sell which I am sure other people have fallen for . . . Not I!

I was disgusted and offended to have been played a sucker.

That sales person showed me that he had been trained very well to do what he had just done . . . therefore it is clear to me that this is a bigger issue than that one guy . . . It’s a Home Depot Strategy . . .

Up-sell DIYs (Do It Your Selfers – SUCKERS) to sell more product.


I went home . . .

Googled “Genie Garage Door Opener Parts” and found my part for $3.95 with $4.95 Shipping = $8.90 delivered to my door.

It’ll take me @ 2 minutes to install.

Not only did Home Depot fail to up-sell me . . . They also lost ALL of my business FOREVER.

Don’t be a sales pusher.

Unless your up-sell truly benefits the customer, don’t do it BECAUSE

If the customer feels cheated, you will lose their business (and likely the business of their friends, family, and work associates) for LIFE!

We customers are like elephants – We NEVER forget!

Oh! . . . Don’t let ANYONE representing your brand act this way . . . It’ll kill your profits.

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