The Surprise advantage when selling a house

Sun Tzu said: “Open confrontation will trigger over-powering resistance.

Thus the key to victory is the ability to use surprise tactics.

The position of victory is one of determination.

The position of defeat is un-preparedness.

Sun Tzu – Art of War

My military background surfaces here, as I remember the importance of “The element of Surprise” when designing and Battle plan.

After all if we were show all of our cards before the fiught, we would be fortifying our opponent by giving them the gift of proper preparedness.

In a HOT environment, surprise is crucial because it evokes immediate action.

This tenet is especially relevant in this HOT real estate market.

I think many home Sellers (and Listing agents) are potentially “leaving money on the table” by failing to practice surprise.

We are in a near zero inventory situation in most of Nashville’s submarkets. When a house comes on the market, it gets LOTS of attention (assuming Location, Price, and condition are palatable), and there are myriad stories of “multiple offer scenarios” sometimes to the tune of DOZENS of offers showing up within 48 hours of going live in the MLS.

Often, we learn of properties that have sold without ever hitting the active market. While this is perfectly OK if the Seller is willing to accept price and terms of a very small sample of the Buying public . . . It’s likely falling far short of its potential were it to be listed and made available to the whole market.

The ones that sell pre-listing do so because either the home-owner or the REALTOR have “pre-marketed” the house by “putting the word out” to friends and colleagues and/or posting a “coming soon” sign in front of the house.


The house sells at full price before it even hits the market.

What we’ll never know is how much that house COULD have sold for if the whole market had the opportunity to compete to buy it.

I like being the “Surpriser of the entire market”

There’s little more invigorating than quietly preparing the house for the market – getting it clean as a whistle – manicuring the yard – Staging it impeccably – and pricing it fairly (Surprise doesn’t overcome over-pricing) – and BLASTING it out on the market with web marketing, sign in yard, MLS listing, Open House, Direct mail “Just Listed” ALL showing up on the same day.

This, my friends, creates a good, old fashioned “Piranha Feeding Frenzy” (graphic)

We Vital Few agents of Pareto Realty think these kinds of thoughts as we build strategy to get our home buying and selling clients the BEST price and terms 🙂

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