The Significance of Karma and Mojo in EVERY Real Estate Sale!

“There’s no such thing as an Atheist in a Foxhole!”

When I was in any ” Theater of Operations” in the Army, this is a saying I heard virtually every time I and my fellow soldiers were facing dangerous circumstances. If nothing else, it was justification (as if it were necessary) for prayer . . . and a “cover” for fear of the unknown we were facing.

Many people will not openly confess belief in divine intervention . . . or the power of Karma . . . or the magic of “Good Mojo,” but ALL of us know it and feel it when we see/experience it.

In almost every real estate transaction I have completed (several hundred) I have had “born again moments” (Some fleeting and some magnanimous) of “foxhole wisdom” . . . Eye opening, unexplainable moments of brilliance and miraculous happenings.

Each time it happens, my faith renews.

Most REALTORS will acknowledge the power of all of these ethereal, unseen powers, as they know that every house will sell when the time is right . . . and we can always tie some voodoo, or karma, or emotional letting go that serves as the trigger that sets off the chain of events that result in a closing.

When a perfectly staged and priced house lingers on the market, we REALTORS will market and market and market until we realize that there’s something mystical keeping this house from selling. More often than not, we will discover that the Seller has a deep emotional attachment to the house . . . and to the realization of the significance of this move.

The Seller may be “down-sizing” because all of the kids have flown the coop . . . the same coop which holds 20 years of fond memories of family happiness.

or . . . a spouse may have died recently . . . or a divorce . . . change or loss of job . . . relocation out of town . . . and myriad other reasons.

What Buyers and REALTORS (who momentarily forget) must know is that EVERY home seller has a VERY significant reason for selling their house, and there’s going to be some good and bad Mojo that comes with the decision.

The most successful transactions are the ones in which the Listing REALTOR learns (EARLY) the Seller’s true emotional motivation for the move and proceeds with appropriate care and understanding.

In my consulting circles, we call this “The Dead Moose” – a phrase coined by our Canadian friends. The Dead Moose is under the table and nobody wants to acknowledge it’s there even though the smell is increasing by the minute, flies are showing up . . . everyone knows that inevitably we’re going to have to drag it out from under the table and deal with it.

Americans often reference “the Elephant in the room”

So . . . with every client and ever house, the probability of success increases exponentially when we identify the Meese (Plural of Moose) early and deal with them . . . Only then can we move forward through a smooth completion.

If things aren’t going so well . . . pause the game and consider the Mojo . . . Then move appropriately from there.

Psssst . . . Patience helps!


Published by Barry Owen

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