The Responsibilities of an Accountability Partner

This week, I began facilitation of “LRW2 – Life Rhythm Workshop 2

This first of a 6 session series is all about guiding the participants towards learning/remembering their Life Purpose and acknowledging their myriad Life Roles while living here amongst the rest of us.

We then take the next step of painting a picture of vision for the future (What do I want to be when I grow up?) and begin the process of setting goals – 10 Year, 5 year, 3 year, THIS year . . . and the remainder of the course is all about creating a personal life rhythm which orchestrates a FLOW of This Moment, this Day, This week, This month Purposeful living and appropriate action which will lead to realization of the 1,3,5,10, LIFE goals.

We know This ain’t easy work . . . and we know that it is work which requires a high level of discipline and commitment . . . and we know ourselves well enough to know that there will be times when we “fall off this wagon” of living intentionally . . . and slide out of our routine of being “On Purpose” more than accidental/spontaneous.

So . . . We wrap this first session up with the realization that our odds of success improve exponentially is we add a measure of ACCOUNTABILITY into the mix. I make the point that ANYONE can be an accountability partner (even a young child – ESPECIALLY a young child). The thing to remember is that your accountability partner is NOT responsible for your success.

In fact, some of the folks I have coached (Served as a paid accountability partner) proved to me that I cared more about their success than THEY did . . . so I fired myself and let them know that I could not be responsible for their failure to execute as promised.

So the accountability Partner’s Responsibilities?

  • To show up and be present at accountability meetings
  • To consistently redirect/remind WHY the desire for success. What is the Heart and Meaning? The Vision? The goal you to which you asked them to hold you accountable.
  • To always tell the truth without judgment (even if it hurts)
  • To let go . . . and continue moving forward
  • To encourage with empathy
  • NOT to enable (No use letting you off the hook)
  • NOT to “Mentor” you or create your goals for you

YOU are 100% responsible for achieving the goals YOU determine.

All this accountability is really doing is asking you on a consistent, persistent, and firm basis if you are doing what you commit yourself to do.

And continually asking the question:

“Remember your vision?

Your long range goal?

Your REASON for all of this hard work?

Are you TOTALLY COMMITTED to doing whatever it takes to take yourself there?

No one can do this for you – not even the world’s best accountability partner.





PS – The Life Rhythm Way is available to anyone who wants it . . . I’m available for Speaking, Coaching, and facilitation of workshops and/or retreats for individuals and organizations

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