The REALTOR Code of Ethics – what does it say about a REALTOR’s use of the Internet?

If you’re in Middle Tennessee, you’re hereby invited to a 2 hour “Reading of the REALTOR Code of Ethics” followed by a FREE LUNCH sponsored by Lakeside Title & Escrow.

FRIDAY January 13 – 9 til 11 (Lunch Following)

Pinnacle Bank Learning Center Green Hills

2307 Crestmoor

Please RSVP by return email if you’re coming.

Anyone who calls him/herself a REALTOR has agreed to a higher level of ethical conduct while practicing the real estate profession.

In Tennessee, we are required by law to disclose our agency status to all customers and clients in every transaction, and of course we have a form for that . . . “Working With a Real Estate Professional” which delineates legally required “duties to every buyer and seller, tenant and Landlord” and “duties to his/her Client if the Licensee has become an Agent or Designated Agent in a Transaction.”

The “Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of REALTORS” (NAR) establishes very well defined ethical conduct standards in virtually ALL aspects of every REALTOR’s professional real estate practice.

NAR updates this code each year, so it stays current with the business environment including the advancement of TECHNOLOGY . . .

What does the code say about a REALTOR’s use of the internet?

The answer is: “LOTS!”

Article 12 has 13 Standards of Practice . . . most of which deal with internet and marketing practices.

Odds are good, most every REALTOR out there is using the internet in a variety of ways in the hopes that they can attract more visibility and LEADS to fuel their business.

Next question to REALTORS: “Do you KNOW your ethical obligations per your Code of ethics?

Ignorance (not knowing) isn’t acceptable . . . The responsibility of Knowing the code comes with the territory of being a REALTOR.

If you’re a REALTOR and you’re not in Middle TN, I hope you’ll set aside a couple of hours each January to read and review the updates of the Code of Ethics.

Just keepin’ us Honest (and Ethical) . . .

Just sayin’




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