The REAL You!

Mark Twain was one smart guy!

Most people spend much of their lives feeling unfulfilled . . . and wondering why.

This question of “Why?” opens a Pandora’s Box of epic proportions.

Why are you here?

Leads to other questions:

Who am I?

What do I stand for?

What really MATTERS to me?

If I were to follow my heart, where would I be going.

If I lost the capability of speaking and thinking nothing but TRUTH, what would be different in my life NOW?

Once clarity on this “Why?” comes, the real work begins.

It’s time to practice letting go . . . of the things and relationships that don’t fit/align . . .

All of which leads to:

Showing up and being present in the NOW.


Isn’t it?

The best thing you can do with yourself in the limited time you have as a mortal is to be YOU!

You owe to yourself . . . and to everyone else.

We all crave authenticity.

If you’re in Middle Tennessee and feel compelled to explore the REAL you, consider joining us at LRW3 where we do all of this in 6 consecutive weekly session . . .

Find details and registration here:

I’m looking forward to witnessing the REAL you showing up.

Happy Surfing!



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