The REAL value in blogging

Not all bloggers blog for the same reasons.

Some “Bloggers” don’t blog at all . . . their site publishes posts written by “Ghost Writers” who carefully craft each word/sentence/paragraph of every post with “Content rich” words, phrases, structure for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in their never ending ending quest to show up on the first page of Internet queries by virtually anyone on the planet.

Others blog for fun with little (if any) focus on any particular subject. These are care free posts that often appear “unpolished” with little regard for accurate grammar or spelling.

Then there are those who see blogging as an “Art form” including very intricately crafted graphics and strategically placed links . . . These folks might take a week to PERFECT the post before allowing their audience to see it.

There are “Story Tellers” . . .

There are Plagiarists who steal other people’s posts and ideas (sometimes without alteration).

“Expert Bloggers” pontificate about every facet of their discipline. They strive to be THE internet resource for ALL things relating to their field of expertise.

Some blog daily . . . Some weekly . . . Some monthly . . . Some sporadically . . .

Some posts are long and wordy while others are short and pithy.

Other than the plagiarists, I think all of the above are equally valid (valuable).

So . . . Often I hear the question: “Why do you blog?

there are myriad answers you might hear from all of the above types of bloggers:

  • It’s a form of therapy
  • Blogging helps me assimilate thoughts
  • To generate LEADS for my business
  • To build an AUDIENCE to feed my ego
  • To capture thoughts as I have them . . . Maybe one day I’ll make a book out of it

While all of the above is valid, I believe there is ONE UNIVERSAL VALUE for blogs:


A great blogsite creates a COMMUNITY of like-minded readers who have all subscribed (or visit frequently) because what the blogger writes resonates with them.

The COMMENTS of the readers often wildly surpass the original content of the blog post in depth of wisdom.

So . . . Like it or not, all bloggers are essentially creating “safe space” for readers with similar interests . . . and inviting those readers to the “conversation” with consistent and persistent posting of relevant “issues and opportunities.”

If you want to “get” this world of blogging, hang out in more comments sections and PARTICIPATE 🙂

Why do I blog?

all of the above . . . but I’m especially grateful when readers engage each other with comments . . . It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy . . .

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