The Power of Simple Math

Do you remember your math classes while in school?

Each semester and each year built upon the accumulated knowledge learned, beginning – well – in kindergarten.

This accumulation opened the way for solving more complicated processes.




and so on . . .

As I witness my daughters (5th and 8th Grades) work through these higher and higher levels of computation, they will sometimes get “stuck” and ask my assistance . . . Usually with the “Word Problems.”

I seldom have to work any problem completely with them . . . I drop in from the outside and read the problems very slowly so as to identify the pertinent pieces present . . . and I invite them to put these pieces where they belong in the formulas.

Often, this does the trick – Problem SOLVED!

Sometimes, though, the problem ISN’T solved, and here we are with a student who is certain she has executed the process correctly but has the WRONG ANSWER.

What to do?

3 words . . .


Yep! Almost always, the wrong answer has to with mis-execution of SIMPLE MATH.

Easy addition, multiplication, factoring, division gone awry carelessly.

the wrong answer isn’t because of lack of skill or execution . . . It’s because of sloppiness with the fundamentals.

How does this apply to your work?

What’s the “Easy Math” in your work that, if overlooked, can trash an otherwise masterful execution of your process?

Our Customers and Clients are (Rightly) VERY selfish about wanting to get a MINIMUM of what we promise.

In a restaurant, perfect EVERYTHING ELSE isn’t good enough if the soup is cold.

For a Mortgage Lender, a smooth process from contract to close is lost in the mind of the borrower if the loan package fails to make it to the Title company for the closing.

Does as I advise my daughters to do when solving math problems:


FOCUS on the fundamentals – The DETAILS.

The Simple Math is VERY powerful!

It holds the power to negate even the MOST masterful execution of a complex process.

PS – We are in a world of “Raplexity” (Rapid/Complex), and I believe ALL of us could use a little help slowing down so we can focus more on what matters (and less on what doesn’t)

so . . . I invite you to join us for the next series of The Life Rhythm Way Workshop (LRW3)

6 weekly Sessions starting April 10 from 10-Noon – Cost is $75

Are you ready to claim your own personal power?


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