The power of Curiosity

We learn by asking: “Why?”

We learned this as children beginning as soon as we had the capacity to communicate.

For the first several years of our lives, we questioned darn near everything.

As we “matured”, our curiosity waned, and our questioning of: “Why?” started happening less.


Was it that we were getting “full”, and there wasn’t room in our brains for more information? Maybe it’s true that we humans only use 10% our brains, so we run out of space up there at an early age.

Here’s an article that busts that myth – Do People Only Use 10 Percent of Their Brains?

To some degree, I believe we have been taught not to be so curious . . . that it’s, in some way, inappropriate to question Why.

“Formal Education” is one culprit . . . in addition to some parents silencing children when they ask too many whys.


Let’s unlearn this prohibition of “Why” and see what happens.

I think this’ll get more people in useful dialog.

Hmmm . . . deeper conversations . . . seeking to understand . . . less conflict due to miscommunication.

Unshackle your “Why” now!

Rediscover this Brave new world of curiosity!

Published by Barry Owen

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