The Perils of Instant Gratification Lead Generation

If you are lead generating for NOW sales, you’re likely in deep tapioca.

In fact, you might be better off using those marketing dollars in lottery ticket purchases.

Don’t get confused with the idea that leads = income.

Leads are Leads.

Leads are people who have made it known to the world (by clicking a link, doing an internet search, calling from a for sale sign, & etc) that they have an inkling to consider buying and/or selling a house in the FUTURE!

Very few Leads are ready, willing, and able to buy much of anything at 1st inquiry.

Leads are seeds . . . We must first convert them to be our clients and keep them safe from all those other hungry sales people. Think . . . Planting the seed in a pot of rich soil.

We must then continue to nurture them with watering and tending to all of their needs.

We’ve gotta have patience with them . . . and try as we might, we cannot make them move any faster than they are comfortable moving.

There’s nothing we can do to create their motivation to buy quickly regardless of our own need for them to buy and CLOSE.

The more we try to hurry them along, the more aware they become of our commission breath . . . They lose trust in us because they (rightfully) start getting the impression that you’re more about looking after YOUR best interests (Getting paid a commission) than theirs.

The gestation period of most seeds is 1-3 YEARS from conception.

So . . . the leads you generate today are not likely to create income for you sooner than a year from first contact.

Sadly, most Real Estate Agents will stop following up with these leads before they are ready to get serious . . . and that cycle continues.

Meanwhile, the savvy (more successful) REALTORS seem to have the midas touch when it comes to leads. By all appearances, these busy agents flit around like social butterflies and effortlessly receive seemingly random calls from ready, willing, and able clients to sell multiple houses month after month after month.

Where’s the differential?

These successful agents are not in urgent need of NOW buyers because they “get” the fact that a FAT pipeline of leads with a great system of communicating with them over time results in an environment rich with leads that seem to convert themselves.

We call these self-conversions “Come list me” calls.

These clients pick up the phone and call the REALTOR’s number and say: “Hey Suzie! Thanks for keeping in touch with me all these months/years! We’re ready to sell our house and buy the next one NOW! When can you come over to get this ball rolling?”

Easy as pie, eh?


Published by Barry Owen

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