The Perfection Trap

Every morning, I do a Facebook Live broadcast while driving to the office.

This is “raw” (unedited) stream of consciousness thinking spilling out of my (not quite fully awake) brain.

Some days are better than others.

Here’s a link to Http:// where you will see 378 videos . . . The quality of content and production ranges from ridiculously poor to “game changing” brilliance, and NONE of these videos come anywhere near what anyone might consider to be . . . “Perfection”

I’ve learned not to get caught up in the minutia of “doing it with perfection” because my goal is to deliver relevant, inspiring, transparent messages using real life scenarios. I guess what I am doing is “documenting” the “Wins, Losses, and Draws” that occur as Barry Owen flows through this thing called life.

Until I accepted the notion that the intent and content are more important than the precision of the delivery . . . I did 2 full years of “getting ready” to publish ANY video.

That’s right! I bought fancy equipment, created lists of things I could talk about, and pretty much did everything I could think of to avoid actually publishing video of myself talking.

I was caught in the perfection trap.

The real problem with this is that NO ONE has time to do “it” (whatever it is) PERFECTLY!

If your standard for publication is perfection, you’ll never “ship”.

I’ve written about this before, so why write about it again?

Well . . . I “fell off the wagon” and tripped over another Perfection speed bump.

I’m facilitating a large gathering end of October and wanted to do a short “Promotional Invitation Video”, so I sat down at my desk and typed a “Perfect” script (an hour wasted) and then began the excruciating process of attempting to capture myself doing a flawless rendition of the video. Another 3 hours wasted (Multiple takes) resulting in my decision to abandon the pursuit of perfection. It seems that adhering to a script was my worst enemy because the video feel disingenuous because I reading instead making eye contact.

In the end, I’m right back where I started . . . without an “acceptable” video.

Today, I’m gonna throw away that script and take a mid-afternoon hike to do this video from somewhere in the woods.

Another lesson learned . . . again~

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