The PERFECT Home Buyer:

  • Finds the right REALTOR and signs a Buyer Representation Agreement – most likely by referral from a family member, friend, work associate, or me 🙂
  • Meets with said REALTOR to talk about wants and needs, learn about the process, and develop a strategy for accomplishing the goal
  • Calls and subsequently meets with the right mortgage lender referred by a family member, friend, work associate, or me 🙂
  • Immediately gathers and submits all of the lender requested documents
  • Begins the search for the right house – on-line, Open House going (leading with the Buyer rep’s business card) and driving neighborhoods to narrow the search to the right location
  • Identifies 8-10 POI’s (Properties of interest) and reserves @ 3 hours on the schedule for property viewing with REALTOR and openly communicates likes and dislikes in each property
  • Asks LOTS of questions and LISTENS and learns
  • Selects the right property to make an offer – considers REALTOR’s market analysis and builds a negotiating strategy.
  • Gets to “bottom Line” negotiating without “nickle and diming” and strikes a fair deal.
  • continues to cooperate with lender dude
  • attends the home inspection and keeps the perspective of: which issues are CRITICAL such that if they aren’t satisfied, I don’t want the house!
  • continues to proactively cooperate with the lender.
  • does NOT buy any large ticket items involving credit during the period of getting under contract and closing.
  • continues to cooperate with lender dude.
  • Asks LOTS of question and LISTENS and LEARNS
  • shows up at closing with a smile, an ID, and the funds required to close

OK . . . that doesn’t look too difficult, does it?

It’s been said many times by me and other REALTORS much smarter than I that there has NEVER EVER been a better time to buy a home than NOW.

Now that you know the process (see above), you’re out of excuses/reasons not to buy a house.

so . . . I (or your neighborhood REALTOR) am looking forward to your call to schedule that initial consultation 🙂

Happy house hunting!




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