The one with the right tools wins!

You’re invited:

“They” say: “He with the most toys wins!”

Usually it’s tongue in cheek, bragging rights, he-man bravado in the never-ending game of being the envy of all others.

The man with this . . .


is a “JERK” 🙂

or . . .

Maybe he’s just got a better tool?

The Professional Plumber, Doctor, Auto Mechanic, Dentist, Painter, Carpenter . . . ALL have the right tools and know how (and when) to use them.

What are the best/right tools of YOUR trade?

Have you invested in them and taken the time to learn to use them to optimize your professional expediency . . . to serve your clients better?

so . . . simply HAVING the tools isn’t enough . . . Knowing how to USE those tools to appropriately leverage and deliver the service you promise is where the rubber hits the road.

. . . All in the name of continually sharpening your saw . . .

Get ready . . . It’s going to be a GREAT year!






Published by Barry Owen

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