“The Nudge” is appreciating in value

You do know “the Nudge,” don’t you?

Often affectionately referred to as “The Gentle Nudge” and sometimes followed by an: “I’m patiently awaiting your response/action regarding ________!” . . . and perhaps punctuated with a couple “Bless your Heart”s.

The nudge is what we do when we are attempting to redirect someone else’s FOCUS towards the task at hand. This is, of course, making an assumption . . . The assumption that our “agenda” (Reason for the nudge) is just as important to the person we’re nudging as it is to us. 

The Nudge is a very polite and gentle – often pithy but direct message that may begin:

  • “Don’t forget to . . .
  • “Just a nudge to remind you to . . .
  • “OH! I just realized we are coming up on our deadline for . . .
  • “Sure am excited about moving this project forward and can’t wait for your bit to be done because it’s such an essential part.
Nudges are not always heard.
Sometimes they’re heard but not effective.
This not being heard often gives rise to more direct, perhaps louder and more emphatic pleas and/or commands.
We do this with our family . . . our work associates . . .  people who serve us (Servers in Restaurants etc.)
I find that the Nudge often yields positive results.
The Nudge appreciates significantly in value as people get more more and more busy and distracted by all of this STUFF to do . . . and the Holiday season provides more opportunities to lose focus than any other time of the year.
Tis the season for folks to be “On the edge of explosion” as they attempt to keep the regular life flow of Live, Work, and Play and cope with the sudden onslaught of myriad “additional duties” including PARTIES (Hosting and attending), gift buying and wrapping, Holiday luncheons, kids out of school, decorating the house etc.
Don’t be the one who adds the last straw to the stress . . . Practice the (VERY) Gentle Nudge often 🙂
Just sayin’
PS – The nudge can save marriages, real estate deals, and possibly even occurrences of physical and/or emotional battery.
It gains traction because most folks appreciate a nudge to gain focus

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