The Next MAJOR Internet Paradigm Shift?

It’s a byte eat byte world out there on the World Wide web

IDX Provider blocked by MLS because data was compromised

Target security breach exposes MILLIONS of people to identity theft

Crye-Leike turns off Zillow and Trulia feeds in Memphis

Zillow, Trulia, and REALTOR.COM call EVERY REALTOR daily to sell zip codes

Agents sick and tired of spending time, energy, and money generating leads and securing listings only to have myriad internet companies (ie Zillow an Trulia) sucking all of the leads out of the internet and SELLING THEM BACK to the REALTORS.

Facebook turned 10 this week, and the story is that it’s losing it’s luster for young people – The Old People have taken over.

Anyone who is ANYONE tweets everything that comes to mind (even stuff that maybe shouldn’t go into the public realm . . . self-filtering is no longer

Our own National Association or REALTORS is competing against our local MLS systems as they develop what could turn into a “National MLS” which would make EVERYONE an “Information Expert” anywhere in the country.

Local associations are struggling because the majority of their income from classroom continue Education has vaporized as agents find on-line courses more convenient for less money – or FREE from vendor sponsored events.

Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin . . .

When I got into the business of Selling real estate in 1993, we had NONE of this technology – Our listings were in a 3 inch thick book published bi-weekly

Over 250 SPAM messages hit my email in-box daily.

When we speak of “Paradigm Shift” we’re talking about EVERYTHING changing . . . It’s a whole new way of thinking and operating.

Out with pretty much ALL of the old and in with the new.

Just as the Caterpillar goes ¬†into the cocoon and dissolves it’s body into goop before regrouping and emerging a butterfly, I believe this is the what will happen in 2014.

None of us can know (now) what it’s going to look like in the not too distant future.

Will the MLS providers survive?

Will the Associations  Survive?

What’s next for the internet now that many of the dominant platforms (facebook) appear to be nearing the end of their life cycle?

Will the power grid hold up?

Call me crazy, but I think it’s time for us to “Circle The Wagons” in our respective communities and take care of ourselves and each other on a hyper-local level.

This begins in your house and then up and down your street – Throughout your neighborhood, burb, City, County . . .

Define your NICHE – One that does not exceed your personal ability (Span of control/influence)

Spend more time with people 1:1 – IN PERSON.

Build STRONG relationships with people you know, like, & Trust.


Do these things, and it won’t matter so much what happens on the net or at the macro level.

All of the above are “reasons” I founded Pareto Realty in 2010 – The primary differentiation between our “Vital Few” model is quite simply about PEOPLE.

Our purpose and vision is to build community through helping our REALTOR members develop their own NICHE in their own little corner of their world and to circle the wagons around that niche and to love it and all of the people within it, care for it, be a leader through thick and thin.

We don’t need (nor do we want) LOTS of agents in order to realize this vision . . . All we seek is the 1 or 2 quintessential agent/leaders in each of the myriad submarkets of Middle Tennessee.

We’ll take our idea outside of Middle Tennessee when the time is right.

I believe REALTORS have Historically been the glue that holds communities together (or have the potential to be that glue) . . . The differentiating factor for Pareto Realty from most of the others is our pure, unadulterated, consistent and persistent, INTENTIONAL pursuit of building STRONG community where we live.

It’s a LOCAL thing!

So . . . If you’re a REALTOR in Middle Tennessee and find any of this intriguing, let’s talk.

My crystal ball isn’t telling me what’s going to happen in 2014, but I am certain that it will all look VERY different 12 months from now.

Let’s take the lead through this period of transformation.

(He hops off his soap box wondering if anything he just said makes sense to others)

Would love to hear comments and/or feedback about any of the above . . . and even better . . . to meet with any REALTOR who is interested in learning more about our ‘Vital Few” approach to Real Estate Sales,

Published by Barry Owen

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